Inspired by nature

eXuberant Grow is a brand of horticultural lighting designed for indoor crops, especially cannabis.

Our lamps are perfectly designed to obtain maximum production with minimum consumption.

Natural growth

eXuberant Grow LED lighting systems have a full spectrum of light.

We also waterproof our lighting systems by coating them with a natural resin.

In this way we achieve a spectrum with a greater blue for improved growth without lowering the levels of red and far red and, at the same time, we manage to have 0 problems with excess humidity.

Optimal crops

All eXuberant Grow LED products are manufactured in Spain and designed for a demanding self-cultivator who needs good production and excellent quality with very low power consumption.

We use the best components on the market.

Our luminaires are totally silent, and adjusted to the maximum to the surfaces that you need to cover.

We have the LED that best suits your requirements.

Green technology

At eXuberant Grow we care about the environment, for this reason the eXuberant Grow LED products are eco-efficient, minimizing their environmental impact.

They are the lighting systems that heat up the least on the market. Thus, optimizing the conditions of your grow room and significant savings in air conditioning costs.